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Accessing Help

The TISS CoronaResponse task force has put together resources that might help you in accessing help during the pandemic

Relief from Violence

Being limited within the confines of a house can adversely affect people threatened with domestic violence and abuse. Do not hesitate in seeking help. You can go through this list of helpline numbers and contact a relief professional. You can also seek psychosocial help via iCall as listed further on on this page.

Women’s Special Covid-19 Helpline

Compiled by #MeToo India

The National Commission For Women has released a special Covid-19 helpline for those who seek relief from domestic violence and abuse. They can contact this WhatsApp 7217735372 number.

यदि आप घरेलु हिंसा से पीड़ित हैं तो 7217735372 पर WhatsApp करें |

You can also contact NGOs to seek help. 

आप NGOs से भी सहायता के लिए संपर्क कर सकती हैं |

A list of organisations providing relief from domestic violence and offering aid for women can also be accessed here.

Children’s Helpline

Children seeking help from violence and abuse can reach out to Childline India

बच्चों की सहायता के लिए Childline India की वेबसाइट उपलब्ध हैं |

Access to food and ration

The lockdown poses a grave threat to the food security of many people nationwide. You can use the resources below to access help in contacting a ration centre or to obtain food and ration in Mumbai. To contact the helpline numbers of other states, view this state-wise list of helpline numbers. You can also download this pdf. This website provides a comprehensive list of numbers as well as email ids of states that you can contact for redressal.

  • Ration Forms
  • Ration Centres
  • Canteens

If you have trouble accessing ration, you can watch this video (insert link to video on the communications page) and fill out this form to get ration if you do not have a ration card. 

Form to fill if you want to get ration and if you do not hold a ration card

अगर आपके पास राशन कार्ड नहीं है, तो आप इस फॉर्म को भर के राशन की मांग कर सकते हैं

You can also contact a ration centre near you – Ration offices in Mumbai 

आप अपने नज़दीकी राशन सेंटर  से संपर्क कर सकते है अगर आपको राशन लेने में सहायता चाहिए  –

मुंबई के राशन केन्द्रों का पता यहाँ क्लिक करके मिलेग

Right to Ration!

Read about access to ration in this dossier in Marathi

A list of contact details of the Covid-19 response team run by the BMC can be accessed here.

Watch this video to know more about getting fair access to ration.

To access a Shiv Bhojan canteen which serves food @ 5 rupees per thali, visit.


  • For Frontline Workers in Healthcare
  • For Access to Healthcare
  • For People Seeking Psychosocial healthcare/ mental health aid
  • Jan Aushadhi Centres in Mumbai

WHO guidelines on how to use PPEs rationally

The helpline  Swaasthi is available for providing emotional support and referral linkages to healthcare workers and counsellors responding to Covid-19. It is multilingual and confidential.

To access a Jan Aushadhi centre near you in Mumbai, navigate through this map

You can visit the website of the National Health Mission for more details

You can visit this page as well

A list of fever clinics in Mumbai can be accessed here

If you face trouble coping with Covid-19, you can contact out helpline for psychosocial care to take care of your mental health during the pandemic via this link:

You can access a shelter or a jan aushadhi centre using this google map.  

For People Seeking Shelter

Shelters in Mumbai

For Inter State Travel Passes

Here is a list of state-wise contacts to apply for an e-pass:

  1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Nicobars district, North and Middle Andaman, South Andaman – download the application form here.
  2. Andhra Pradesh: apply for an e-pass here 
  3. Assam: apply for an e-pass here 
  4. Bihar: apply for an e-pass here 
  5. Chandigarh: apply for an e-pass here 
  6. Chhattisgarh: apply for an e-pass here 
  7. Daman and Diu: apply for an e-pass here 
  8. Delhi: apply for an e-pass here 
  9. Goa. apply for a Travel Permit here and for Temporary Pass here.
  10. Gujarat: The person can call 079 2325 1900. Click here for DC numbers
  11. Haryana: apply for an e-pass here (apply for an e-pass in Gurugram here)
  12. Himachal Pradesh: Apply for an e-pass here. For a vehicle movement e-pass in Kangra, Kullu and Una, apply here
  13. Jammu and Kashmir: apply for an e-pass here 
  14. Jharkhand: apply for an e-pass here 
  15. Karnataka: apply for an e-pass here 
  16. Kerala: apply for an e-pass here 
  17. Ladakh: apply for an e-pass here 
  18. Madhya Pradesh: apply for an e-pass here 
  19. Maharashtra 

Apply for the movement of a restricted number of employees in Maharashtra (except Pune) here
Apply for the movement of a restricted number of employees in Pune here

  1. Meghalaya: apply for an e-pass here 
  2. Odisha: apply for an e-pass here 
  3. Puducherry: apply for an e-pass here 
  4. Punjab: apply for an e-pass here 
  5. Rajasthan: apply for an e-pass here 
  6. Tamil Nadu: apply for an e-pass here 
  7. Telangana: apply for an e-pass here 
  8. Uttar Pradesh: apply for an e-pass here 
  9. Uttarakhand: apply for an e-pass here 
  10. West Bengal: apply for an e-pass here.

Source: cntraveller

List of organisation working with migrant workers

National Migrant Information System, on the NDMA platform to help the persons who are wishing to travel, volunteer registration and facilitators. It also has a list of relief centres for workforce who are travelling to their native places.

You can access it here National Migrant Information System

This is an interactive map of relief camps run by the National Disaster Management Authority.

Other Resources

Follow this page for a live list of state-wise list of helplines.

To contact a government professional via Whatsapp, visit here

Guides and Manuals

We present a list of manuals and guides issued by trusted sources that can help you in your endeavour to fight Covid-19

A guide on making a mask at home

A guide for therapists working with children

An advisory of using masks (Hindi)

National Guide on Micro plan for containing Covid

Social Distancing Advisory by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

AIIMS अस्पताल द्वारा प्रशासित Covid-19 गाइड

A Guide on Deciphering Disinformation on Covid-19 by UNESCO




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